Mushroom Spore

A pure culture for high quality mushroom spore and spawn

Applied research allows us to develop more new mushroom spore and spawn for our customers

Here at Italspawn consistent mushroom spore spawn quality is our main aim.
Quality spawn starts with pure cultures of carefully selected varieties. The selected strains are vigorous, unstressed and free from any contamination.

Italspawn has developed one of the most precise and stringent programs of quality control in the industry.

Our highly-trained staff are dedicated to maintaining our high standards in the production of quality spawn.  Every step of our production process is monitored and the data is compared with standard parameters to assure consistency.

Microbiological and molecular (genetic) tests are used on every starter culture at Italspawn.

At our growing facility and in our satellite farms, growing assays (audits) and trials are regularly performed. These trials are the final step in completing our quality assurance program. The trials allow us to assess the mushrooms that our quality spore will produce.

Applied research at Italspawn is an ongoing process that allows us to improve quality and also develop new products for our customers.

The research program begins with the creation and selection of new varieties of spore and spawn. The program then continues with the development of new production procedures to increase efficiency. Finally, we look to develop related products that complement our spawn.

Italspawn collaborates with companies globally to utilise cutting edge technologies in genetics. By using new technologies we are dedicated to developing new mushroom varieties while maintaining the desired characteristics of existing mushroom strains.

By employing micro-techniques we study the intimate relationship between the mushroom mycelium and the mycelium's food and support system: the grain.

Currently, our research is directed towards developing superior casing additives 'CACing or Ci' in the commercial production of mushrooms. Early trials have shown promising results.