Our mushroom spawn production process has been developed through 40 years’ experience in the business and subdivides into five main stages, allowing us to maintain a unique level of quality control and efficiency.


The first stage is where the raw grain is cooked and mixed with powders inside large blenders to maximize moisture content while maintaining friability.

This first stage allows us total control over every parameter throughout the process.


At the second stage of the process the grain is sterilised using a strict temperature profile to avoid any type of contamination.


After the grain has been cooled it’s inoculated according to the needs of the spawn, then bagged.


During the incubation period the mushroom spawn is grown in a computer controlled environment guaranteeing homogeneous and uniform growth in each stage of the incubation.

Storage and shipping

When maturity is reached, the mushroom spawn is carefully checked again before being boxed and refrigerated, ready to be shipped.